Author Willow Fox ebook Eagle Tactical Bundle (eBook)
Eagle Tactical Bundle (eBook)
Author Willow Fox ebook eBook Eagle Tactical Bundle (eBook)

Eagle Tactical Bundle (eBook)

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Four steamy slow-burn novels for ONE low price!
Welcome to Breckenridge, where the men are rugged, dominant, and will do whatever it takes to protect the women they love.
" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  I suggest you get comfortable with a cup of your favorite tea/coffee/hot chocolate because once you start you won’t stop until the last page has been turned." - Bookbub Reviewer

Expose: Jaxson

Could I trust a former special forces soldier or would he betray me? I owed him my life, but did I owe him my heart?

There was a bounty on my head. I fled with only one thought in mind: survival.

I bought a cabin, sight unseen, in the wilderness. It came with quite a few surprises including a handsome stranger next door, Jaxson Monroe.

He also happens to be my own personal hero, saving my life. It’s complicated and I don’t want to disappoint him, but he wants to know why I’ve moved here. If I tell him the truth, he will never want to see me again. I’m not the sweet innocent girl he thinks I am.

Expose: Jaxson is a small town contemporary romance featuring a grumpy single dad and is book one of the Eagle Tactical series. Expose: Jaxson ends with a HFN (happily for now) and a guaranteed series HEA (happily ever after).

Stealth: Mason

Sold to the mafia. I’m nothing more than a piece of property to my brother. Forced into an arranged marriage, I enlist the help of Eagle Tactical.

I moved in with Jaxson after the attack. It’s hard to keep my hands off him, but he’s my boss. He’s given me a job at Eagle Tactical as his subordinate.

I don’t take orders well, especially from a grumpy boss. He’s about just as grumpy as his toddler when she skips her afternoon nap.

I vowed to protect Ariella. That’s how much she means to me, but she’s gotten under my skin with her know everything attitude and sassy hip sway that has my body in overdrive.

I swore I’d never do a one-night stand. Is that what she thinks we shared? Is that why she hates me?

I don’t know how much longer I can wake up under the same roof, go to work with her, and not throw her down on the bed.

We have a mission that takes priority, but how can I keep my mind on the job when she’s always in the room, and I want to bend her over the desk?

Conceal: Lincoln

I can’t tell her she’s under my protection…

I’ve been employed as a bodyguard in the past with Eagle Tactical for celebrities, musicians, even billionaires. I’ve never had any of them evade my protection.

The little Vixen that stormed into my life ended up as my responsibility.

I’ve been hired to protect her…in secret.

The studio contract is clear, I am not allowed to divulge to her that I’m her personal bodyguard when she leaves the set.

She will find out the truth and when she does she will hate me.

Covert: Jayden

Jayden wasn't the bad guy, just the bad boy and I fell for him, hard.


My niece has been missing for months and I've spent every waking hour tracking her down. I need a partner in crime, a woman on the inside that can help me gather intelligence.

Skylar is cute, snarky, and Jaxson's younger sister. She's completely off-limits and when my former military brother discovers that I've hired her in secret, he's going to kill me.


Desperate for cash, I agree to an undercover operation with Jayden Scott. For two grand a week, I have to be his fake fiancé. There's more to the job, he wants me to sneak around inside his boss's house and find everything I can on his niece’s whereabouts.

The plan goes south fast and I'm given an ultimatum: kidnap three girls by midnight or be sold at auction.

This romantic suspense series is intended to be read in order. Each book features a new couple while also continuing Jaxson and Ariella's story. It is a steamy slow burn romance.


I ran for my life, and it was all his fault. Secrets had brought me over a thousand miles from home. I fled with only one thought in mind: a second chance. Starting over was my only option for survival.

I squinted through my sunglasses, shucking them to the empty passenger seat, finding it difficult to see. My vision adjusted, but the night was setting in fast as daylight fell over the horizon. 

I struggled to see the narrow, snow-covered road ahead. 

The streets at the bottom of the mountain had been freshly plowed and salted. The headlights on my five-speed were angled at odd intervals, casting shadows over the road covered in potholes beneath the slush. 

The car jolted and bounced with my foot on the gas, splashing my scalding, stale coffee from the cup holder.

My eyes burned and welled. 


Tears threatened the surface, but I wouldn’t cry. It wasn’t the sting of blistering liquid that hurt. I’d done this to myself. I blamed him, but it was as much my fault.

Secrets surrounded my past. Benjamin Ryan had been part of those secrets, but there was more than even he knew. There were secrets I could never tell him, even as he was whisked away in handcuffs.

I packed my car with my possessions and hurried out of the state of New York. Of course, not before finding a small log cabin in the woods that I could afford in cash, sight unseen. 

I also lined up a job interview at a nearby resort, but there was no guarantee of landing a position right away. My last one had ruined my life, and I couldn’t even put it on my resume. 

I’d have to be frugal with the few dollars left to my name, which consisted of a few ones in my wallet.

Was I bitter? 

Sure as shit, but I moved on, started over, and prayed for a second chance. A fresh start is what I did, what I craved, and the only way to get that was to move. 

I went back to using my maiden name: Ariella Cole. I wasn’t in hiding per se. After all, I had done nothing wrong or criminal. 

I couldn’t say the same for him. 

I didn’t want to get mixed up in his illegal affairs. 

I had planned on arriving at my new home before dark, but the interview had been in the afternoon at Blue Sky Resort, a ski lodge just outside of Breckenridge, Montana. 

It was for a position covering other worker’s shifts, everything from waitressing at the restaurant to doing housekeeping tasks and handling the ski rental equipment. I’d take whatever I could get.

The interview had seemed to go well, and they had asked to run a background check. I wasn’t keen on it but I didn’t have a choice, so they’d see that my ex-husband, Ben, had run up our credit. They couldn’t deny me a job because of that, right? 

He was serving time in federal prison for several felonies. That couldn’t count against me, right? 

When I’d left the resort, with my piping hot, burnt coffee, it had grown dark. The front desk attendant had given me directions since my phone died, and GPS was sketchy as to whether it worked in the mountains. 

I headed for my new house, weary, tired, and worn after a lengthy interview and an even longer drive across the country. I wanted to discover my new home, climb into bed under the warm covers and sleep for a week.

The interviewer informed me they’d run my references, and I had to submit to a background check. 

It sounded all good, and while I hoped the job was mine, there were no guarantees. They hadn’t offered me anything yet.

I downshifted my car, but I struggled to get up the mountain. 

The bald tires spun as I white-knuckled the steering wheel. The back of the vehicle fishtailed. 

I downshifted again and stomped on the gas to climb the godforsaken beast of a mountain when the car slipped and slid backward downhill.

“Shit!” I screamed and stomped on the brakes hard, which only had me doing donuts as I spun and slid down the icy path of the mountain. I would have braced for impact if I had known how, but I just wanted to survive. I needed to survive.

My stomach ached with dread. My palms were sweaty, and I clung to the steering wheel, attempting to maneuver my car out of danger. 

I had no control over the vehicle, like it had a mind of its own. 

The car spun and smacked into a tree. The window smashed. It wasn’t enough to stop the momentum from sliding down the mountain, and the back wheels skidded off the road.

By some miracle, the vehicle came to a halt. The back wheels teetered off the edge of a ravine. 

The car’s front appeared stable, but would it propel me downward and into oblivion if I made any sudden movements?

I glanced in the rearview mirror. 

It grew darker by the minute, and I couldn’t ascertain how far down the ditch went, but given the fact the entire drive up the mountain was switchbacks and dangerous, without a doubt, it was deadly.

Exhaling a soft, slow breath, I couldn’t stay in the car. I needed to get help. 

I hadn’t seen a car on the road since I attempted to climb the damned mountain. Was there a reason for that? Did anyone live up in Breckenridge, or was I the only one crazy enough to head up there on the cusp of winter?

I probably should have traded my car in for a vehicle with all-wheel drive or a truck, but it wasn’t like I could afford it. 

I was strapped for cash. I spent every dime on getting to Breckenridge and paying cash for the cabin I found on one of the realtor sites online. 

The place looked like a gem, backed up to a gorgeous river, and within walking distance to a few local shops in town.

This had to mean I wasn’t the only one in Breckenridge, but they were smart enough not to travel at night up the mountain.

My phone was dead, and even if it had any juice left, I knew without a doubt there would be no cell service around here. 

There had been no service at the bottom of the mountain. That had been when my phone still had a tiny amount of battery power.

Not that I didn’t have anyone to call. My sister would expect to hear from me, but we weren’t on the best speaking terms. She was pissed that I moved to Breckenridge instead of staying in New York with her.

I couldn’t stay. I had to get as far away from New York and the enemies we’d made.

I glanced behind me at my knapsack. I couldn’t risk reaching for it. Not until I was out of the car.

With slow precision, I unlocked the door and eased the driver’s side open. I made no sudden movements. 

While I’d have preferred to stay in the confines of the car that offered shelter, it teetered on the edge of a ravine. I wasn’t ready to meet death.

The car creaked and groaned as I was careful to shift my weight from one foot and then the other out from the vehicle.

The vehicle didn’t launch off the cliff as I had first feared. I shivered and pulled my jacket tight. 

I couldn’t easily open the back door from my position. The snow was several inches thick, and I had stuffed my boots in the trunk. 

There was no way I could maneuver myself to grab my warm and comfy shoes. My fancy heels would have to suffice because I wasn’t going barefoot. That would be even stupider in this weather.

“Okay, I can do this,” I said to myself. 

There wasn’t another soul on the road, and I didn’t even want to consider what wild animals like bears or wolves come out at night. I hadn’t the slightest idea if they were nocturnal. I hoped I didn’t run into any creatures because I had nothing but my hands to protect me, and well, I may as well just lie down and play dead.

Okay, so getting my bag from the backseat wasn’t as easy as I thought. I exhaled a nervous breath, my stomach in knots as I climbed back into the driver’s seat, reached for my knapsack in the back, along with my purse on the passenger seat. 

I didn’t make any sudden movements, and I backed away from the car, shut the car door, shoved my purse into the bag, and swung it over my shoulder.

My hands shook from the cold and the adrenaline coursing through my veins. I dug into my pockets, retrieving a pair of leather driving gloves. They would have to suffice.

With daylight nearly gone, I headed for the main road of the mountain. 

I kept to the center of the snow-covered path. I’d probably hear something long before I’d see anything, but I wasn’t holding my breath.

The moon offered the faintest bit of light to illuminate the snow-covered road. 

I had no flashlight, and the darkness of night seeped in, which reminded me there wasn’t a town for miles because there were no city lights nearby.

I glanced up at the heavens, the frigid night air offering way to a sparkle of stars peppering the night sky. It would be a beautiful sight if it wasn’t so cold and I didn’t worry about freezing to death.

My lungs hurt from the cold. With each breath inward, a thousand knives were stabbing at my lungs. 

With my jacket zipped up tight, I leaned my head down toward my coat. I needed to find shelter. With sundown, the night would only grow colder.

My hands trembled even with the warmth of my gloves. The edge of the road was difficult to see with no light. It seemed even more impossible to determine if there was any evidence of shelter.

I kept walking up the mountain. The only way I could tell I was headed in the correct direction was because the wind assaulted my face, and my footprints were evidence of where I’d been. 

I could no longer see my car in the distance. The broken windows may have offered little shelter from the wind, but I could have been warmer had I stayed inside the vehicle. I could also have been catapulted down the ravine had I so much as shifted the car’s weight.

There was no use second-guessing my decision. I just hoped that the main road would lead off to a driveway, a house, a cabin, or some sign of civilization.

The chill of the cold brought tears to my eyes, freezing my eyelashes, stinging my cheeks. My hands were numb, and my knapsack offered no clothes. Frozen inside and out.

I stumbled over my feet. 

My toes burned from the frigid air that assaulted every inch of my body. The sensation went beyond numb and tingling. 

I tripped and braced myself as I hit hard-packed snow on the road, eating a mouthful. I spit out the contents as best I could. 

My lips were numb, along with my cheeks.

I shivered and curled up in the fetal position in the middle of the snow-covered road. I buried my face away from the chill. 

Shielding my cheeks from the cold, getting an ounce of warmth and a reprieve from the elements. I pulled my bag closer to protect me from the wind. I shut my eyes. 

My body trembled, but I wasn’t cold. Not like I had been earlier. Numb. Nothing but emptiness, a cold and lonely existence stabbing at me.


I turned the satellite radio up. It was the only channels that came in within a hundred miles of Breckenridge. 

We were literally in the middle of nowhere. Just the way I liked it. I’ve lived in Montana all my life, grew up in a small town a few hours from Breckenridge.

I cranked the music, letting it blare and taking a few minutes to myself after a long day visiting the next town over, I drove the main pass through to Breckenridge. 

It was late. The road was not well-traveled, let alone between storms. While it wasn’t currently snowing, there were a few inches from the most recent storm. 

I had no trouble with my truck getting up the mountain, and I had chains for my tires when the weather gave off a real bite.

I slowed on the main road, the mountain pass. 

Catching sight of a small car tinkering on the edge of the ravine, I put my truck in park and left the engine to idle and the lights on. 

I reached for a flashlight and stepped out. I pulled my coat on and zipped it, as the night air was chilly. 

If someone needed my help, I wanted to be prepared.

“Hello? Anyone in there?” I called out toward the vehicle. The windows were smashed, and the lights were off. There weren’t any hazards flashing. 

I shined my flashlight into the car. There was no sign of anyone inside. It was likely someone stopped by and picked up the driver.

Who in their right mind would drive that car up the mountain in winter? 

It didn’t have to be a snowstorm to know that you needed four-wheel drive and chains to make it through the snow. That didn’t even consider when the rain washed out, the road or the ice storms made the road impassable.

I pointed my flashlight toward the ground. 

There was a set of tracks, female footprints based on the heels and shoe size, and they headed for the main road. I shined the light farther down. The impressions continued, but my flashlight couldn’t be seen after the turn in the road, a switchback.

Sighing, I headed to the truck, climbed back in, and was grateful for the warmth of shelter. Hopefully, whoever broke down was already picked up and on their way to town.

I put the truck in drive and shined my brights. 

With my foot on the gas, I crept my vehicle up the mountain pass, my eyes on the main road and on the footprints buried in the snow, following them up the mountain. I didn’t want to get distracted and miss if the person went off-trail.

Thankfully, she was smart enough to stay in the middle of the road. 

I picked up speed a little, both antsy and worried. The last thing I wanted was someone to freeze to death because I took my time.

Another mile north and a figure lay in the road, dark, curled up, and not moving. 

I left the car running. 

It was a person, though I couldn’t tell from the distance if she was alive. I assumed it was a woman based on the shoes. 

I stepped closer. 

She lay shivering on the snow-packed road. The woman was curled up, a gray-green knapsack and her purple coat blocking any evidence of an actual person as she attempted to bury herself to keep warm.

I cleared my throat, not wanting to startle the woman. 

She didn’t budge on my approach. That wasn’t a good sign.

“Hello,” I said and bent down, resting a hand on her back. 

At least she was alive. Her body trembled against my hand. She was as cold as ice, and it was no wonder why.

I heard her try to speak, but I couldn’t make out her words. 

“I’m Jaxson,” I said to her, trying to reassure the young woman that I didn’t intend to cause her any harm. “Can you stand?”

Her words were mumbled and incomprehensible.

“I’m going to pick you up and carry you to my truck,” I said.

She nodded slightly, and I breathed a sigh of relief that she was at least responsive, even if she was too cold to speak. 

I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to my truck.

The bartender’s back was to me. His tight jeans and dark black t-shirt hung to his curves. I licked my dry lips and glanced him over. His butt looked pretty damned good.

I hadn’t even had a man to fantasize about in ages. My ex-husband hadn’t been dynamite in the sack. His needs had always come first, and then when he was done, so was I.

“Can I get a leg spreader?” I asked cheekily.

The bartender spun around and faced me.

The smile on my face fell to the floor. My stomach tensed. “Jaxson,” I whispered and cleared my throat. His eyes locked on mine. “What are you doing here?”

I tried to sound confident in my question, like seeing him didn’t tear apart my heart after the fight we’d had at my house.

“Don’t you work at Eagle Tactical?” I asked. Had he changed careers recently? Did something happen between him and his military buddies? He’d been hostile toward me. Was there more to it I didn’t know?

He grabbed a rag and wiped the wooden counter, his eyes avoiding me. “Just helping Lincoln out. Friday nights are always busy here, and I got off work early.”

“Right.” I glanced over my shoulder, hoping Emma would be here soon. I could use her support right now. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take of Jaxson, talking with him, pretending like everything was okay, because it wasn’t.

“I’ll make you a special drink,” he said and grabbed a shot glass from beneath the counter.

I wordlessly watched as he sliced a jalapeno pepper in half and placed it into the shot glass.

My stomach somersaulted. I wasn’t keen on spicy drinks or foods. Then he poured tequila and several dashes of hot sauce into the glass before sliding the concoction across the bar.

“Your Anus Burner. Enjoy.” His eyes twinkled with mirth before he headed across the bar to help another patron.

“I guess I deserved that,” I muttered under my breath.

“What’s that?” Emma asked.

I spun around on my chair and removed my coat. “I saved you a seat.”

“I saw you met the bartender.” She sat down and leaned against the bar, waving at Jaxson to get his attention. “Jaxson!”

He ignored Emma because she was with me. “My apologies in advance if he makes you a shitty drink. We’re not on the best-speaking terms.”

“Wait, you know my boyfriend?” Emma shifted to face me.

My eyes widened, and I sipped the drink so that I didn’t have to say anything, momentarily forgetting about the hot and disgusting concoction until it touched my lips.

I coughed and tried not to gag.

“We’re neighbors,” I said, not wanting to confide anything else. How long had they been together? Jaxson hadn’t mentioned it when we’d first met, but that had been over a month ago.


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" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Four men who will do anything to protect and keep their women safe. They will stop at nothing for their women. I really enjoyed this book." - Bookbub Reviewer

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" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  I think that Jaxon will be my new book boyfriend. There’s something that’s really sexy about a single father." - Goodreads Reviewer


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