Author Willow Fox Book Ultimate Mafia Bundle (Model) Special Edition (Paperback)

Ultimate Mafia Bundle (Model) Special Edition (Paperback)

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paperback (model special edition)
Get the entire MAFIA MARRIAGES and BRATVA BROTHERS series of steamy mafia romances for one low price.
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When the mafia princess has a wild night with a stranger at the bar and steals his car keys, she doesn't expect it to be the don of an opposing mafia family.

Mafia Marriages Series

Secret Vow

She wants her freedom and all I want is her…

Nicole DeLuca, she’s the daughter of the biggest crime boss on the west coast. Did I mention that her father, Gino DeLuca, is my enemy?

I slept with Nikki and I can’t for the life of me forget about her. I’ve been keeping tabs on her, making sure no other men come anywhere near her.

I’ll chase them away like the beast that I am to protect her.

Like a caged bird, she’s desperate for freedom. Nikki sneaks out only to get snatched and sold as a bride.

Even in the darkest room, the dirtiest corner of the world, I recognize her. She’s my little kitten.

I buy her. Own her. Save her.

Except she doesn’t see it that way…

She wants her freedom and all I want is her and that baby.

Captive Vow

Grumpy single dad seeks Nanny...

Her father tells me she’s mute. Except I catch her humming a lullaby.

He’s a liar. Or she has everyone deceived.

What possibly could a four-year-old be hiding?

I really should have done a background check on him. Imagine my surprise when I discover my grumpy boss works for the mafia.

I want to leave but he won’t let me. I’m his captive, forced to follow his rules and do as he demands.

Savage Vow

I’m ordered to execute her…

I never expected to see her again.
We shared one wild night several years ago.
She had no idea that I work for the mafia.

I’m a savage, ruthless killer, but she’s innocent.
She saves lives.
I take them.

She’s a pediatric oncology nurse.
Could she be any more of a saint?

She entered the wrong hotel room.

There can’t be any witnesses.
My boss wants her dead.
Her life is in my hands.

I intend to make her my wife to protect her.
She’ll hate me but at least I can keep her safe.

Unwilling Vow

Billionaire seeks surrogate…

She has a debt to repay and I have a need…for a child.

It is strictly a business transaction, nothing more. After the baby is born I’ll never see her again.

But bringing her into my home is a mistake. It could cost me everything. She’s curious. Sassy. And the biggest test to my patience.

How can I handle a child if I can’t handle her under my roof? It doesn’t help that her hormones are raging and she wants to murder me in my sleep.

I’m not that bad of a guy, I only run the mafia. And she can never find out.

Ruthless Vow

Men say I’m bred with Russian, that I should be bratva.

I have a reputation as being the most vicious and ruthless Italian in the world. They’re not wrong.

I murdered my boss and stole his throne.

He made me the beast that I am, and I made him pay the price.

But there’s a girl that I want beside me while I rule the city.

The only problem, she’s Russian and the little sister of my enemy. She’s innocent, naive, and has no idea what I intend to do to her family.

We’re at war with the bratva…

They’ve threatened our women, children, and attempted to burn our homes to the ground. They’ve come after our organization, stolen our shipments, and forced our hand.

The dons and our most trusted men must come together to destroy the bratva.

Bratva Brothers Series

Brutal Boss

We’re known for our savagery.

We run New York City. We control every inch of it and anyone that gets in our way is executed.

I protect the people from con artists and thugs like the cartel. But I’m not a good guy. I loathe thinking of myself as a vigilante. And did I mention that my little sister tried to put me behind bars?

When a young woman's car breaks down in the rain, I’m feeling overly generous.

I recognize her, she’s a nurse from Steele Concierge Medical, at least that’s what she wants me to believe…

I bring her into my compound to protect her during the storm.

But she betrays me.

Turns out that she’s FBI, working undercover, and intends on destroying the Bratva from the inside.

Now that I know the truth, who will protect her from me?

Wicked Boss

There’s a darkness surrounding him, and I should stay as far from Luka Ivanov as possible.

Three years ago, I gave birth to a baby girl after one drunken escapade with a mysterious Russian bartender, Luka.

At least I thought he was the bartender.

When I went back to tell him that I was pregnant, no one knew who he was.

I’ve moved on… what other choice did I have?

The wedding is quickly approaching, and I’m engaged to Mark, a man I don’t love. Don’t get me wrong. He’s sweet and kind, but a little too syrupy for my taste. I prefer my men darker, devious, and with a bit of bite. Mark is as vanilla as they come.

But I’ve settled because it’s what’s best for my daughter, Bay. She needs stability, and I want to give her the absolute best life that I can.

When my coworker stumbles onto a photo of my hot mistake, Madisyn confesses that she knows the Russian who knocked me up. I beg her to introduce us, but she has to swear not to tell him my secret before I do.

Possessive Boss

Lucy Quinn

I’ve made a few bad decisions in my life. At the top of the list, attempting to rob the Russian Bratva. I wasn’t aware who I was robbing or what I was getting myself involved in until it was too late.

The guards with guns at the entrance should have been an indicator to walk away.

But now I can’t leave.

I’m in deep with the bratva, forced to work for them, under Nikita Krylova.

Nikita Krylova

The little spitfire thought she could steal from me, blindly rob us, and not have to be punished.

Lucky for me, the Pakhan, Mikhail Barinov, has let me choose how to handle our little five foot three, dark-haired, green-eyed problem.

She’s feisty, insolent, and brazen.

I’m just the man to break her.

And make her mine.

Obsessive Boss

We’ve remodeled Club Sage and I’m just about to burn the place down to the ground.When Savannah comes looking for a job, I hire her on the spot. We’re desperate for dancers and she’s stunning. How could she not be perfect for the job?

Don’t mix business and pleasure. The advice I should have heeded from my mentor and boss, Nikita Krylova.

I let a federal agent into the workplace.

Savannah has access to the books and the money we launder.

I’m screwed if my boss Nikita or the head of the bratva, Mikhail, discovers my little indiscretion.

But they’re bound to find out since Mikhail’s better half, Madisyn, is former FBI. She worked with Savannah Blakely. Do I come clean and accept that I’m a dead man or bury the truth and a few bodies before anyone finds out?

Dangerous Boss

Every villain has his weakness. She is mine.

It takes a lot more than getting shot in the head to kill a guy like me, but the bastards got me good. 

I’ll give it to them.

They got me so good that when I finally wake up, I realize I’ve been in a coma for weeks.

Not days. Weeks.

And the weird thing is, I can’t remember a single thing about that day. Not who saved me, not hearing the EMTs arrive. Nothing.

But I do remember who I am. I just pretend not to.

Trust me, it’s safer that way.

Safer for me, for the people involved in this, and the strange woman sitting next to my bed when I wake up.

Sadie is the one who found me in the forest. She’s the one who called 911. And as I soon find out, she’s the only person who has been visiting me for weeks.

I might not like owing people favors, but even I have to admit that I owe her my life.

If all she needs in return is a fake boyfriend, then that’s exactly what I’ll be.

I just have to keep reminding myself that this is an act. For both our sakes...

Chapter 1


The way she dances does things to me that I know are wrong.

I swallow back another glass of whiskey, trying to suppress the urge to stalk over and capture her lips with mine.

“Tell me you’re not considering sleeping with Nicole DeLuca,” Moreno says.

He’s my second, my best friend, and also blatantly honest, even when I don’t want him to be.

He also knows that I’ve sported a hard-on for Nicole since the moment I learned of Gino’s daughter.

I like a challenge, and she’s off-limits. It makes the catch that much more fun.

“Have you seen me so much as talk to her?” I shoot Moreno a glare to shut the hell up. Somehow, I doubt he will do as I want.

He’s a good guy if such a thing can be said about the Ricci Family.

“You keep drinking and staring. She’s bound to notice you,” Moreno says.

Maybe that’s the point. I want her to notice me. I want her to fear me like her father, Gino, fears my family.

Nicole struts onto the dance floor. The light cascades across her raven hair.

She bumps and grinds, arms tossed into the air.

I want to fuck that smile right off her gleeful face. 

She’s a force to be reckoned with, and I’m just the man to turn her life upside down.

“Have another drink. It’s on me.” Moreno gestures to the bartender, and he waltzes over and pours another whiskey.

“On you?” I laugh.

I own the damned bar.

He can offer to buy me all the drinks he wants. I drink here for free.

“Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip the staff.” Moreno slides a fifty to the bartender, Ren-something. 

I forget her name. I hired her after the last guy caused me a headache and a dead boss.

Some things are better left in the past.

Being don has its advantages, including getting any girl I want.

Tonight, that girl is Nicole DeLuca.

I shift on the barstool.

Usually, I claim the corner booth. It has a reserved placard for the occasion that I might want to come in and have a drink or business with an associate.

“You need another girl. Someone less deadly,” Moreno says.

I laugh under my breath and sip my whiskey. “You talk like she’s an assassin.”

“Her father is.”

I wave my hand in the air. “He’s an old man, Gino. Pain in my ass.” He is also a problem that needs taking care of, but that’s a job for another day.

Tonight, I’m here to cut off some steam and have fun.

“You fuck that girl, and he’ll hunt you down,” Moreno warns. He gestures the bartender over and gets himself a drink.

I raise an eyebrow. I haven’t seen Moreno drink in, well, since forever.

This is bad if he’s drinking. “Shit, I’m driving you to drink. It really must be the end of the world,” I mock.

He pinches the bridge of his crooked nose. He got that from defending my honor in a bar fight nearly two decades ago. I’d been young, naïve, and on the cusp of seventeen. I knew how to fight like a kid, not like a man.

Moreno rectified that. He taught me everything I know about the family business.

“Just promise me that you’ll leave her alone.” Moreno sips his whiskey.

It’s obvious to anyone who knows him he can’t stand the taste, but he drinks like a pro to an outsider.

“You don’t have to kill yourself for me,” I joke and point at the whiskey. “I’ll down that if you’re struggling.”

“Do you see me struggling?” Moreno asks.

“While you enjoy that whiskey, I’m going to work my moves on the dance floor.”

“Dante,” Moreno says my name, but his tone holds more than just a hint of warning.

He’s screaming at me to listen to him.

But when do I ever listen?

The funny thing is that I’m his boss, and I don’t take orders from Moreno or anyone else. While I appreciate his concern, that’s all it is to me, and I’m going to do whatever the hell I want.

Hasn’t he realized that yet?

I climb off the barstool and make my way onto the dance floor. I don’t dance. There’s no need. 

I’m on a mission, and she is my target.

We lock eyes, and she blushes on my approach.

Good. She doesn’t seem to know me. At least she hasn’t indicated that I’m the bastard trying to kill her father.

“I’m here with friends,” she says like that line will work to shoo me away.

“Nice of them to ditch you,” I say.

She’s been dancing for the last forty or so minutes, alone. The handful of guys who tried to pick her up haven’t had any luck.

One of them looks at me apologetically.

I’ve yet to see her with a shot or drink in her hand, either.

“How do you know they’re not in the bathroom?” Nicole asks.

“If they are, they must have snuck out the window.”

She rolls her eyes. “Are you implying that I’m that boring?”

“On the contrary, I’m implying nothing, only that you’re a pretty woman dancing alone.”

“I'll bet that line works on all the other girls,” Nicole says.

She’s right. It doesn’t take much for them to fall at my feet. I’m blessed with good looks and a great body. Does she not notice?

“How about I buy you a drink, and if you never want to see me again—”


Her response takes me by surprise.

I lead her toward the reserved booth and gesture for her to climb in first. The booth is curved, and I make sure to sit close beside her, our thighs touching.

I want to touch her, seduce her, and bring her all sorts of heightened pleasure.

“Are you sure we should be sitting here?” Nicole asks. “It did say reserved.”

I merely shrug. I don’t want to give away who I am, especially if she’s unaware of my position of power. She shouldn’t know.

“Let’s see what happens,” I say.

She raises a curious eyebrow but shuts her mouth.

The bartender from earlier comes over, and I gesture for two drinks—one for each of us. I don’t have to give the bartender my order. She gets the finest liquor, top-shelf from the collection.

“I never got your name,” Nicole says.

“Daniel,” I answer. It’s a lie. I’ve always been Dante.

It’s clear she doesn’t recognize me, and I can’t have my name triggering any further recognition.

“I’m Nikki,” she says and rests a hand on my thigh.

Her tune has changed since I met her minutes ago on the dance floor, but I’m not sure why. Do I care?

“It’s lovely to meet you, Nikki,” I say, as if I’m trying to remember her name.

I could never forget it. I’ve had my eye on her since she strolled into town and moved in with her daddy, my number one enemy: Gino DeLuca.

All I’ve wanted is to take him down, and in the process, I’ll be forced to ruin her for other men.

Too bad.

She’s beautiful, with her long black hair and deep-set amber eyes.

Cute and sexy.

And she could have a normal life if I wasn’t at war with her old man.

The lights are dim, the bar not terribly crowded for a Friday night.

The music slows, and I’m glad we’re already in the booth. While a slow dance is nice at times, it doesn’t fit right now. Not when I want to grind against her.

The bartender returns with two drinks. One is a whiskey for me and the second a whiskey sour on the rocks for her. It’s strong but sweet, too girly for my taste, but the ladies haven’t turned it away in the past.

I don’t expect her to be any different.

But I’m wrong.

She slides her glass toward me and grabs mine before I can lift it to my lips. “I’ll have what you’re having.”

She means my glass of whiskey.

Damn, that shit is expensive.

The girls always get the off-label, and since it’s mixed, they can’t taste the difference.

She smiles coyly and bats her long, dark lashes, but it’s just an act.

What game is she playing tonight?

“Hope you don’t mind. I prefer the good stuff, liquid gold.” Nicole gulps the whiskey in a matter of seconds and slams the glass down hard on the wooden table.

Her warm amber gaze has flecks of gold, and the longer she watches me, the more I fall into her stare.

What the hell is going on?

“Do you want to get out of here?”

I do more than anything, but my gut is telling me no. “How about I take you back to your place?” I suggest. 

I already know she’s living with her father, but I wonder what excuse she’ll give me.

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Nikki skirts past me as quickly as she can. I grab her wrist and pin her against the wall.

One hand grasps her towel, and the other is poised above her head, trapping her between the wall and me.

“Dante, what are you doing?” she whispers, staring up at me.

Her lips part and she emits a soft breath that pulls me nearer.

I swear I hear her purr.

“Claiming you, Kitten,” I say. “From this day forward, until that baby is born, you will remain here under my protection.”

Nikki struggles against my grip, fighting me.

“You’ll never have this baby—my baby,” she snarls up at me.

“Is that so?” I stare down at her. She has no idea the things I did to rescue her and buy her safety.

Even if I wanted to let her leave, now that she’s pregnant, I can’t.

Nikki harbors the heir to the Ricci throne if it’s a boy. If it’s a girl, she will still be my flesh and blood. I refuse to deny either the Ricci name.

“You can’t keep me here against my will,” Nikki says.

“It’s for your safety. Besides, as far as I’m concerned, you haven’t repaid your debt.”

The color drains from her face. Her eyes widen and sparkle. “About that,” Nikki says. “I can explain.”

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