Slow Burn Publishing Historical Little Gems Bundle (eBook)

Historical Little Gems Bundle (eBook)

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Six sizzling historical romance novels featuring the hottest and spiciest content, available for one low price.
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When Kathryn is kidnapped from the streets of Victorian England, she's forced to attend the Academy of Submission, where she is dressed and treated as a little until she is wed.
PUBLISHERS NOTE: These books feature adult themes. Explicit sexual and taboo content including but not limited to: age play, discipline, medical play, and anal play. Please refrain from purchasing if such content is not to your liking.

Victorian Chronicles

Little Lena

She’s stolen gold… will she steal his heart? Lena Mae has been turning down the advances of men and potential suitors for marriage. She has not met a man worthy of her attention or her hand. Looking for adventure and learning of the route between England and Paris where gold is hauled and transported, Lena is determined to steal enough gold bars to live alone and never need to consider the advances of another man.

William Mason is responsible for guarding the train and the gold bars buried inside the safes. He has always been a man of the law. When he discovers that the safe transporting the gold has been broken in to and there are thieves on the train, he enlists the help of the young Lena Mae, who has caught his attention. Traveling alone with a story to tell, she appears to be the most honest person and the one least likely to be involved, given her dainty size.

His assumptions are wrong. Learning of her betrayal, he must decide how to enforce his rule and whether she should be disciplined – or arrested and handed over to the authorities for her crimes.

Little Clara

Eager young Clara is looking forward to her arranged marriage. She has been waiting all her life for the day when she will meet her husband. Her father has spent many months searching for the man worthy of his daughter’s hand.

Clara learns that her future husband, Francis, requires the young woman to undergo a medical examination to ensure that she has remained pure and that she is as intact as her reputation.

Clara has never felt more disgraced as she is forced to bare all of herself to the doctor, where she undergoes far more than she ever anticipated. Silently, she swears to herself that she will move past the humiliation and never speak of what happened with the physician.

When Francis pays a visit to Clara’s father to propose additional terms to the marriage, wanting to bring along one of her maids so he will have a nanny in the house for Clara, the young bride-to-be is shocked to realize that he was the man giving her an examination. Was he really a doctor, or was he playing the part to ruin her reputation?


Little Kat

When Kathryn Arrington is kidnapped from the streets of Victorian England, and forcefully taken against her will, all she can do is go along with what is required of her at the Academy of Submission, until she can plan her escape. Being dressed and treated as a little is tedious work.

When Mr. August Sanders visits the academy in search of a little bride, he sets his eyes on the alluring Miss Kathryn. Desiring her to be his little Kat, August declares he wishes to purchase her outright, for the intention of marriage. She hastily agrees so that she might leave with him. Perhaps she will find a better life away from the care of her strict nanny and the despicable Mr. Edwin.

What Kathryn hopes is a fresh start turns out to be a constant reminder of those she left behind at the academy. With the threat of harm to her family looming overhead, she must find it in herself to trust August.

Little Lizzie

Thomas Montgomery seeks out troubled ladies that are in need of a strict and proper upbringing, encouraging them to join Alton Reform. Discovering Elizabeth Grey alone by the tavern at night, he insists he accompany her on the journey home to ensure she makes her return safely. It is her sharp tongue and fiery defiance that makes him desire her as his little Lizzie.

Without reservation, he suggests to her father that Elizabeth be sent away to Alton Reform, a school known for its strict disciplinary measures to create fine young ladies capable of obeying their husbands. Ladies that without such correction would wind up in an asylum for their tenacious and troublesome ways.

Unwed and with no prospects of marriage, Elizabeth is forced by her father to attend Alton Reform and be trained by her governess under the headmaster's guidance.

Elizabeth does not take well to Alton Reform's ways of discipline. Unpleased after a stern spanking to her bare bottom, Elizabeth runs away, only to be caught by Mr. Thomas Montgomery.

Will he force her to return to Alton Reform? Can Thomas show Elizabeth that love can be gained from discipline? How will she feel when he confesses his desire to make her his little Lizzie?

Little Delia

Britain - 1851

At twenty-five, Delia has avoided marrying her betrothed. Her excuse: helping her father run his shop at the market. The few pence they have has run out and with no dowry, Delia doesn’t have many prospects, except for the one man she’s promised to, Fred Hill. She’d rather set herself on fire than marry him.

In secret, she’s been reading the newspaper and communicating with a gentleman across town that is in dire need of a governess. How bad could schooling a young girl be?

With a knack for thievery, Delia convinces her father’s coachman to take her to the train station, set out for an adventure far from home. Meeting the elusive and handsome Charles Hayward proves troubling as she learns that she’d stolen from him and will be expected to pay him back her debt. Charles runs a strict household and expects constant obedience. Discovering true submission and his desire to discipline, Delia finds her bottom bared far more than she’d like.

Little Vera

England, 1895. New Forest is dangerous territory, where vile men snatch affluent brides-to-be, forcing marriage, solely for a woman's dowry. With the increase in violence, brides of wealth often hire a decoy to ensure their protection.

When Violet Adams is forced by her caretaker to become a decoy bride, she must accept the position with honor, even if it means she may not return. Setting out for New Forest, she soon discovers that being a decoy bride is not the worst of the danger that lurks; the decoy hunt is far crueler.

Chapter 1

The night air grew cool and Kathryn Arrington pulled her cloak tighter, cinching it together with her hands as she walked towards home. At twenty-three, her parents grew tired of her lack of prospects for marriage, insisting she take the hand of the next man who asked for her to marry him. Arrangements of marriage came and went, with her three younger sisters. They had found no trouble when it came to accepting a proposal and giving their dowry to a fine gentleman.

Kathryn, however, had been unable to sit still long enough to catch the eye of a prospective suitor. Against her parents’ wishes, she traveled the rails with a few pence she had secretly earned gambling. It was not the most respected way to earn a living and as for being a woman, she had never looked the part of a lady when she gambled, always wearing a top hat to hide her dark curls and the trousers of her father, albeit a bit baggy. No one seemed to pay her any attention. Her parents learned to just be grateful when she returned home at night and decided it best not to ask questions on where she had been. Perhaps it was due to the fact she found most men repulsive that they did not worry themselves too sick on her whereabouts. She had no reason to soil her name or reputation so kept the drinking to a minimum and her skirt down at all times. Besides, she had found no man worthy of her charm.

Tonight she did not dress in her father’s clothes; it would have been highly inappropriate. Instead, she dressed as a lady, with a dark blue gown to her toes that bustled out from her hips. The cloak she wore was as dark as the night sky, a rich blue that looked black under the moonlight. She had spent the afternoon riding the train, seeing all of London, exploring every crevice of the city.

Her family lived in Stanton, just outside of Oxford. The ride would be too long by carriage, and her parents’ coachman never would have escorted her on the trips she took without merit. Although her parents had given up on disciplining their daughter, it did not mean they condoned her behavior either. She had learned early on, at sixteen, that if she wanted to see the world, then she would have to figure her own way to do so.

Gas lamps shone under the moon and she walked with haste, picking up her feet in the brass heels to hurry and catch the train. She had not paid attention to the hour, which meant she had missed the second to last train back home. If Kathryn did not run, then she would find herself alone for the night, outside. It would not be a pleasant experience for anyone, let alone a young unwed woman. The few pence she had in her pocket would not suffice for a night’s sleep under a roof. 

Kathryn loved London. The busy nature of the city, the constant rush of people as she found herself lonely back at home. Her parents had grown tired of her presence under their care. Her sisters had been married between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. She half-wondered what was wrong with her. Had it been her desire to explore and chase after whatever caught her eye? Surely a man would be pleased with such a captivating young woman.

In the distance she heard the whistle of the train. “Christ!” she cursed under her breath, picking up the hem of her skirt as she high-tailed it in a very unladylike manner towards the train station. The distance between her and the engine was too far apart and even as her legs burned and she gasped for breath, she found herself unable to reach the station before the train departed London.

Now what was she to do? She found a seat on the bench at the station, watching as the train disappeared and the tracks now lay empty. Morning would not come for several hours and sleeping outside seemed barbaric. Kathryn sat alone, in the darkened station before retreating back towards the city. Her day had been spent shopping at the market, imagining the fine luxuries wrapped around her body. She had tried on dresses and jewels that she knew were far outside of her budget. Her parents may have been well off, but it did not mean they fed her money on a whim.

The gas lamp nearest the station flickered and fizzled out, basking the station in pure darkness. “What the blazes?” she said, standing and stumbling as her eyes had not yet adjusted to the newfound darkness.

From the opposite side of the platform, a dark figure basked in the shadows of night jumped the tracks. Kathryn could not tell if it was a man or an animal, the way it moved with stealthy precision. She stumbled away from the bench and back several feet before she felt a warm set of arms cover her mouth and grip her waist, pulling forcefully against her.

She tried to scream, to shout at him to get away from her, but the words could not find her lips, his thick palm forcing her to just remember to breathe as he covered her lips and nose. Kathryn kicked and flailed, the second man, further restraining her form. A needle pierced the skin of her neck, as the second man sedated her, forcing her body to go rigid and unable to fight back. Paralyzed, they carried Kathryn from the train to their carriage waiting just a few meters away. The drug they had injected her with made it impossible to fight back, but her mind had not been clouded or darkened. Fear swept through her insides, forcing her heart to race and her stomach to churn. 

“Edwin will be thrilled with our recovery,” one of the men said.

It had been too dark to distinguish the one who had injected her with the syringe from the man who had attacked Kathryn from behind. Her mother had always warned her the city was not safe for a woman alone at night. Why had she not listened to her?

“Goodnight, little one,” the other man said, his voice rough and thick, as a second needle pierced her skin and forced her to lose consciousness. 

Kathryn had no idea how much time had passed, except that when she had awoken the sun had been up and the moon had disappeared from the bright blue sky.

“Look who is awake,” a woman’s soft voice roused Kathryn from slumber.

As the blur from her eyes faded and she refocused her attention, wiggling her fingers and toes, remembering the abduction late at night by the train in London, her stomach tensed.

“Where am I?” Kathryn asked, demanding an answer. She sat up in bed and the room seemed to spin, making her face pale and her stomach churn. Gradually she moved to lie back down.

“You are at the Academy of Submission. I can assure you, little one, that you will be well cared for and no longer a ward of the streets.”

Kathryn did not fully understand what the woman spoke about. Had she lost her mind? “I am not a street urchin. My family lives in Stanton. I assure you that I come from a proper home and demand you return me to my parents at once!”

“We at the academy are your family now. I know it might take some getting used to, the idea of a nanny taking care of your every need, but it is for the best. You must be in your twenties; you surely cannot think a husband will desire you when you are thirty? I am sure you come from well-off parents, given the dress you wear, but I assure you that you cannot be making them proud, a girl alone, in London.” The woman with her long blonde hair pinned up in a braid, had blue eyes shining down warmly at Kathryn. Her dark gray dress flowed down to the floor and was quite simple, hardly elegant for a woman who seemed to take charge of Kathryn in a quite peculiar manner. The longer she studied the woman, Kathryn could see the wrinkles around her eyes and at the corner between her lips and nose that had formed over the years. Surely the woman was well past thirty. Was she here because she was unwed?

“I do not need a nanny,” Kathryn said. “I am not a child.”

“Of course, you are not. Do you have a name?” the blonde woman asked. She stepped from the bed and pulled the curtains further open to reveal three other small mattresses to the right of Kathryn’s bed. Was she expected to share a room with this woman?

Kathryn paused, unsure if sharing her name would be appropriate. “I could just call you little one if you would prefer to not give your name. Your papa will give you a name if you wish to be so young as to not speak.”

“I am Kathryn Arrington.” What was the woman talking about? Had she gone mad, locked up in this strange place for too many years? The walls were painted a pale pink with lace pink and white curtains that filtered the sunlight but did not hide it entirely from the room.

The bedroom was far larger than any Kathryn had ever seen, nearly three times her own room back home.

“Now was that so hard?” The blonde smiled and her blue eyes twinkled. “You may call me Nanny Leah. You may visit with your sisters later, in the playroom. They have all been good little ones today.”

Sisters? She was to share a room with three other girls? Her stomach flopped. Was it possible the woman knew who she was all along and had been part of a plot to kidnap Kathryn and her sisters? Her father was not excessively wealthy but he had come into money recently. She prayed that her younger siblings Lilian, Rose, and Julia were safe.

“Nanny Leah,” she said, trying out the woman’s name, though it sounded foreign on her tongue, to speak of a woman as a nanny when Kathryn had been old enough to marry. “Why was I taken?” Perhaps if the woman could elaborate on the abduction, she might better understand what they wanted from her. Was it her family’s money? The dowry she had locked away?

“You, little Kat, were chosen to become part of our esteemed program to unlock the potential that you have wasted thus far in your twenty-how many years is it?”

“I am twenty-three,” Kathryn said.

The blonde woman smiled and sat perched at the edge of the single occupant mattress. “Do you not wish to be married?” Nanny Leah asked.

“I do,” Kathryn said and glanced down at the pale pink and purple quilt that covered herself and the bed. “I have yet to meet a suitor who has taken to me. The gentlemen all flocked to my younger sisters.” It was not that Kathryn was flawed in her attributes, it had been instead that her sisters had been well-versed in flirting and drawing the attention of the gentlemen towards them. She had not been jealous or disappointed by it, each having saved her from marrying when she had no desire to settle down.

“You do not have to worry yourself of such trouble at the academy, little Kat. I insist we get you out of that gown and into a dress more appropriate for a little one.”

“I am not little,” Kathryn said. It had been many years since she had considered herself either little or young. She had well rounded curves and thick breasts that pressed against the confines of the gown. Her body did not know little.

Nanny Leah ignored her remark and walked to the closet that held an array of dresses, likely in multiple sizes. “You will share clothes with your sisters and your nanny is responsible for dressing you. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Kathryn said and nodded. Her head turned towards the right, glancing over the three mattresses lined up with the head of the bed against the wall, same as hers. Each bed had a similar quilt and a stuffed animal nestled against the pillow. Beside Kathryn’s bed rested a bear. A tiger lay on the bed in the middle, and the one closest to the window held a monkey. She found it strange that a grown woman had to share her bedroom with girls who liked stuffed animals. Was she expected to watch over the children as Nanny Leah seemed to think she was doing for Kathryn?

“Stand up.”

Kathryn sat up again and found her head no longer felt heavy or cloudy. She shifted her legs to the side of the bed and let them dangle for several long seconds before feeling confident that she would not fall.

Nanny Leah gathered a pink gown with a white ruffled bib that accented the dress. It looked silly and quite ridiculous, even for a four-year-old to put on. Was she honestly expected to wear that gown? The dress she wore when taken off the street had been made of finer material and looked far more flattering.

“I do not wish to wear that,” Kathryn said, making it quite clear that she had no intention of cooperating. They had plucked her off the street, drugged her, and now decided to dress her in hideous clothes. What kind of academy was this? She did not even know what Nanny Leah meant by submission but it sounded dreadful. Why could she not leave? Surely her parents would be worried when she had not returned home. Had they posted flyers and spoken with neighbors, asking if they had seen Kathryn Arrington? They would not come for her. Not without an obvious ransom and a letter sent directly to her home. Her mother did not know she left for London and if she had, she still would not have known of the men who had taken her off the street, let alone where they were now.

“You, little Kat, do not have a choice. You will do as I tell you, as a good little listens to her nanny and papa. I suggest you learn quickly what a good little does, or you will find yourself subjected to discipline that will correct your behavior.”


Find out what happens next in Little Kat!

The Historical Little Gems Bundle features:

  • Victorian Era Romance
  • Light Age Play
  • Discipline
  • Submission
  • Detailed Spicy Scenes

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Victorian Chronicles

  • Little Lena
  • Little Clara

Standalone Victorian Age Play Novels

  • Little Kat
  • Little Lizzie
  • Little Delia
  • Little Vera

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