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Love Forbidden: Special Edition (paperback)

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paperback (special edition)
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We live in a perfect society where there is no war, no famine, no sickness, or homelessness.

It’s a true utopian society.

But it’s all a lie.

I was conceived naturally in a world where women are barren. IVF and genetic manipulation are required to produce a child.

I’m an anomaly.

I shouldn’t exist.

When the government discovers the truth, they want me dead.

My existence can destroy their entire system.

This Young Adult Dystopian series is intended to be read in order. It features a blossoming romance and is intended for audiences 15+

  1. Love Forbidden
  2. Secrets Forbidden
  3. Magic Forbidden
  4. Escape Forbidden*
  5. Refuge Forbidden

*The Prequel

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